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SOMS 2024

We are pleased to share that Soluble Fertilizer Industry Association's (SFIA) in collaboration with Infinity Expo Pvt. Ltd. is organizing “SOMS 2024” an international Exhibition & Conference on Non-Subsidized Specialty Fertilizers (Soluble, Organic, Micronutrient & Bio Stimulants). This event is scheduled for July 4-5, 2024, at Mahatma Mandir Convention & Exhibition Centre, Gandhinagar, Gujarat. ([http://www.somsexpo.com)/]www.somsexpo.com)

Indian fertilizer space is witnessing a transformation with a heightened focus on Agri Sustainability. SOMS, adopted extensively as a farming practice for 30 years, helped grow farmer's income by many folds but also helped reduce the government expenditure on subsidizing conventional fertilizers. Much of the horticulture revolution in Maharashtra, Gujarat and Karnataka can be attributed to the use of SOMS fertilizers. SOMS product range is currently driving horticulture growth and is likely to replace conventional fertilizers in the near future due to high yield & lower residue values. Ironically, India despite being a big consumer is currently not producing enough domestically and relies heavily on imports.

Protecting horticulture by securing continuous supply of SOMS became a challenge post pandemic. In the last 2-3 years there has been a situation of short supply, extreme price rise and loss of affordability of SOMS fertilizers sending farmers back to subsidized fertilizer and thus impacting the nations subsidy bill.

SFIA as an association has been constantly maintaining relations with supply source countries like China (70-80% of supply), Europe (20%) and the rest of the world (10%) to secure supplies during the season and rest of the year . As a long-term policy for secured supplies, self-sufficiency and propagation of SOMS across all crops, we have planned an international Exhibition and conference with the following primary objectives:

1. Securing supplies by bringing manufacturers from all over the world and providing options to Indian fertilizers companies to choose from. Companies in this sector include large government, public sector and MSME's responsible for manufacturing, sourcing and distribution of fertilizers.

2. Providing Indian MSME a platform to display their strength and learn from the global best practice. This will enable the MSME ecosystem to fast track their learning curve and indigenously develop specialty fertilizers and make India Atmanirbhar.

3. Propagate awareness around SOMS schedule of farming to effectively make Indian agriculture sustainable and reduce subsidies.

In order to achieve the aforementioned objectives, we are inviting exhibitors and buyers from all over the world to visit SOMS 2024, Ahmedabad in July this year.