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Passport-based Certificates

On occasions, applicant may require Embassy to issue a certificate certifying entries in their passport such as:-

  • Certificate of date of birth;
  • Certificate regarding marriage;
  • Certificate regarding NRI status;
  • Certificate regarding change of name on passport;
  • Certificate regarding Indian nationality;
  • Certificate regarding residential address in India etc.

In such cases, Embassy of India issues a certificate titled ‘To Whomsoever It May Concern’ certifying the facts strictly as per entries on passport or in applicant’s passport records. No certificate can be given certifying any entry which does not conform to the entry contained in the passport. For example, if an applicant requires a certificate of his address in India, it can only be issued for the address mentioned on his passport. In case the applicant wish to get a certificate of a different address, applicant should first get a new passport with new address.

This type of attestation/authentication service may be applied by Post.

Documents required for attestation/authentication service:-

  • Copy of Misc. Consular Service Application Form
  • Copy of the Indian passport/OCI card (first and last page) of the applicant
  • A letter (either on a plain paper or by e-mail to cons.brasiliamea.gov.in) elaborating the requirement of certificate, along with the purpose for which it is required.