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Document required for Passport Issue/Renewal

1. Under normal circumstances, the following documents are required for applying to issue or re-issue an Indian passport:

  • Proof of address in Brazil
  • Previous passport (to be produced in original for verification)
  • Three photographs of 5x5 size with white background
  • Copy of visa/stay permit/MRE issued by the Government of Brazil

2. In other circumstances, the documentational requirement may vary according to the service requested by the applicant viz. change in name, appearance, signature, address; change in spouse name due to marriage, remarriage, divorce etc.  In such cases, in order to get advice on documents required to be enclosed with your passport application, please consult the Document Advisor External website that opens in a new window here

3. In case the passport is damaged, applicant must submit the damaged passport in whatever condition it is available for verification.

4. In case the passport is lost or stolen, the applicant must submit a police report for lost/stolen passport and produce copy thereof along with original for verification.