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Registration of Marriage

Solemnization / Registration of Marriage : Indian nationals may apply for Solemnization of new marriage, or registration of an existing marriage under the relevant provisions of theForeign Marriage Act, 1969 where at least one of the prospective bride or bridegroom must be Indian national. In both cases, the procedure is same as outlined below.

Steps for registration of Marriage:-

  1. Submission of notice of intended marriage (by appearing in person before the Consular Officer) by filling and signing the prescribed proforma available in the Embassy
  2. Publication of notice in newspaper for the intended marriage (proforma of newspaper notice given below).
  3. Registration of Marriage after expiry of one month from the date of publication of notice in the newspaper, provided no objection from anyone is received against the intended marriage, marriage may be registered.
  4. At the time of registration of marriage, both the bride and the bridegroom, along with three witnesses are required to appear in person in the Embassy to sign the marriage register and consular records.

Please note that marriage has to be solemnized within six months from the date of notice of intention of marriage presented at the Embassy, failing which the entire procedure should be repeated if the parties intend to proceed with the marriage.

Required documents:

  • "Misc. Services  application forms with four passport size photographs each of prospective bride and bridegroom.
  • Passport or Identity Document of both bride and bridegroom and a photocopy thereof;
  • Copy of Proof of address in Brazil 
  • ‘Notice of Intended Marriage’ and ‘Form of Declaration’ by prospective bride and bridegroom in duplicate (Form to be given by the Embassy).
  • Passports or identity document of all three witnesses and photocopy thereof
  • Original full page of the newspapers in which the advertisements were published


Proforma for publishing notice in newspaper

(to be published in English and/or Hindi newspapers, one each in circulation in the area of their local residence as well as the residence in India. All particulars must be filled as per entries in passport)

I, Mr.(name of the bridegroom), son of Mr. (name of the bridegroom’s father) and Mrs. (name of the bridegroom’s mother), resident of (residential address of the bridegroom)and Miss (name of the bride) daughter of Mr. (name of the bride’s father) and Mrs. (name of the bride’s mother) resident of (residential address of the bride)  intend to register our marriageat  the Embassy of India, Brasilia under the Foreign Marriage Act, 1969 of India. Objections to the proposed marriage, if any, may be conveyed to the Embassy within 30 days from publication of this notice at the following address : Consular Section, Embassy of India, Brasilia, SES 805, Lote 24, Asa Sul, Brasilia, DF 70452-901, BRAZIL; e-mail : cons.brasiliamea.gov.in Fax No. +55 (61) 3248-7849 /+55 (61) 3248-5486