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Registration of Birth

For obtaining Indian nationality, birth of a new born child, whose either or both parents are Indian national(s), should be first registered with on the Indian Citizenship Online portal of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India.

The registration of birth must be done at the Embassy within one year of the Child's birth. 

When birth of a child is registered with the Embassy or Consulate within one year from the date of birth, the child is automaticallyeligible for ‘Citizen of India by Descent’ under Section 4(1) of Indian Citizenship Act, 1955.

In case the birth of child is not registered within one year, the child shall be eligible for ‘Citizen of India by Registration’ under a different section of the Indian Citizenship Act. In such a case, grant of Indian nationality becomes a subject matter of request, and approval by the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India depending on the merits of the case.

Apply for Birth Registration

To apply for birth registration, and to know the procedure of the same, please refer the ‘Indian Citizenship Online External website that opens in a new window’ portal

After successful submission of application on ‘Indian Citizenship Online’ portal, applicant should submit the copy of application with the Embassy along with application for receiving ‘Birth Certificate’ and subsequent issue of Indian passport.

Documents required:- The following documents are required to be submitted for registration of birth of a newly born child:-

  • Copy of Online Birth Registration Application
  • Birth certificate issued by local authorities – original and a photocopy
  • Passports (first and last page) of both parents – original and a photocopy
  • An undertaking by either parent, confirming that the child has not obtained any other nationality.
  • In case either of the parents is a foreign national, a documentary proof that the child has not obtained another nationality from the foreign parent.