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Documents required

Documents required Applicants are required to submit the following documents for applying OCICard:-
1. OCI Application Form
2. Supporting documents as suggested below.

A.   In case of applications for registration as Overseas Citizen of India Cardholder in lieu of PIO card, only copies of the following documents to be attached:-

(i)  Valid passport of the applicant
(ii)   Valid PIO card of the applicant.

B.   In case of fresh application for registration as OCI Cardholder, following documents are to be attached:-

(i)  Copy of present passport (original to be produced for verification);
(ii)  Evidence of self or parents or grandparents or great grandparents being a citizen of India. The suggested documents for this purpose could be:

  • Copy of the Indian Passport; or
  • Copy of the Domicile Certificate issued by the Competent Authority; or
  • Copy of Nativity Certificate from the Competent Authority; or
  • OCI Card/ PIO card of parents/ spouse along with the documents on the basis of which the OCI/ PIO card was issued; or
  • Any other proof substantiating the request. Applicant may submit a certificate of residence or place of birth of self/parents/grandparents from First Class Magistrate/District Magistrate (DM) of the concerned place.

(iii)  Evidence of relationship as parent/grandparent/ great grandparent, if their Indian origin is claimed as basis for registration as OCI Cardholder: The document of relationship could be “Birth Certificate” issued from competent authority mentioning both parents’ name.

C.   In case of minor child whose either or both parents is/are citizen of India:

(i)  Copy of child’s birth certificate
(ii)  Copy of Indian passport of the parents / one of the parents
(iii)  If the parents are divorced, court order of dissolution of marriage, which specifically mentions that the legal custody of the child is with the parent who is applying for the OCI card.

D.    In case of spouse of foreign origin of a citizen of India/OCI Cardholder:

(i) Registered marriage certificate; indicating that the marriage has completed 2 years as on on the date of application. and
(ii) In the case of spouse of an Indian citizen - Copy of the Indian Passport of the spouse OR

In the case of spouse of an OCI Cardholder, the following documents:-
- Copy of the present valid Passport of the spouse;
- Copy of the OCI Card of the spouse;
- Copies of the documents based on which the OCI Card was issued to the spouse.

E.    In case of renewal/updation of OCI Card:

(i)  Existing OCI card – original and a photocopy;
(ii) New passport of the applicant (if any) and a photocopy thereof;

Note :All the documents required to be enclosed with the application should be self attested.