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Assistance from ICWF

The Indian Community Welfare Fund (ICWF) is aimed at providing ‘on site' welfare services on a means tested basis in the most deserving cases such as :

  • Boarding and lodging for distressed overseas Indian workers in Household / domestic sectors and unskilled laborers;
  • Extending emergency medical care to the overseas Indians in need;
  • Providing air passage to stranded overseas Indians in need;
  • Providing initial legal assistance to the overseas Indians in deserving cases,
  • Expenditure on incidentals and for airlifting the mortal remains to India or local cremation/ burial of the deceased overseas Indian in such cases where a sponsor is unable or unwilling to do so as per the contract and the family is unable to meet the cost.

The Fund is utilized only where the concerned overseas Indian citizen is not able to meet the expenditure for any of the purposes specified above.

An applicant wishing to avail benefit under the ICWF scheme is required to furnish all necessary details to the Embassy of India, Brasilia along with amount of assistance rquired for assessing the case and deciding on applicant’s eligibility under the ICWF Scheme.

In order to seek assistance under ICWF, applicant may send an e-mail to the Consular Wing of the Embassy of India, Brasilia on cons.brasiliamea.gov.in giving full facts of the case, along with necessary documents and justification for their eligibility.