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Notarization of Affidavits/Power of Attorney

Notarization of Affidavits/Power of Attorney :

Applicants may apply for attestation of Power of Attorney/Wills or similar documents requiring notarization

This type of attestation/authentication service has to be applied at the Embassy counter only.

Documents required:- The following documents must be furnished for seeking such attestation / notarization service:-

  • Copy of Misc. Consular Service Application Form
  • Copy of the Indian passport/OCI card (first and last page) of the applicant
  • Original passport must be produced for verification of identity
  • Two copies of the Affidavit / Power of Attorney / Will etc. requiring attestation / authentication (one to be retained for office records, while one shall be returned after authentication)

Applicants are advised to take following precaution while furnishing Affidavits / Power of Attorney / Wills etc. for attestation:-

  • All person, including executant and witnesses etc. who are required to sign on Affidavit / Power of Attorney / Will etc. must be appear in person and sign on the document in presence of the Consular Staff of the Embassy;
  • All signatories must produce original passport/OCI card and furnish a copy of thereof for records;
  • No page or space should be left blank in such a document at the time of attestation;
  • A recent colour photograph should be affixed by the executant.