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Apply for OCI Card

Applicants are required to complete the following steps to apply for OCI Card:-

  • Fill Online Registration Form External website that opens in a new window,
  • Uploading photograph and signature,
  • Take a printout of the successfully submitted application form and affix original photograph and ink-signature in the given spaces on the form.
  • Submit the application form along with supporting documents at the Embassy counter;
  • Pay the fees at the Embassy counter to complete your application process.

Press Release on re-issuance of Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) Card

 In order to streamline the process of Re-issuance of OCI Cards, the Government of India has decided the following:

I.        The existing mandatory requirement of re-issuance of an OCI card each time a new passport is issued to a foreigner upto 20 years of age and once after completing 50 years of age is dispensed with.
II.       OCI cardholders are now required to get the OCI card re-issued only once when a new passport is issued after completing 20 years of age.
III.      OCI cardholder would be required to upload ONLINE a copy of the new passport and a latest photo each time a new passport is issued upto 20 years of age and once after completing 50 years of age.  The uploading of these documents on the Portal may be done within three months of receipt of the new passport.  The service will be provided on Gratis (no cost/free) basis.
IV.     Foreign Spouse of an Indian Citizen or spouse of foreign origin of an OCI cardholder is required to upload ONLINE a copy of his/her new passport, latest photo, a declaration regarding subsisting of marriage and a copy of the Indian passport of the Indian spouse or OCI card and passport of the OCI Card holder on the online system, each time a new passport is issued.
V.      There will be no restriction on the OCI Card holder to travel to/from India during the period from the date of issue of new passport till the date of final acknowledgment of his/her documents in the online system. 
VI.     Timeline for re-issuance of OCI Card for OCI Cardholders who may be required to get their OCI Card re-issued has been extended till 31 December 2021.
VII.    Appropriate modifications are being made in the OCI Miscellaneous Services portal to implement the above. This is expected to be launched by end May, 2021. OCI cardholders are therefore requested to wait for the updation of the portal before submitting any application for re-issue of OCI Card.

04 May 2021