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UTSAV Portal by Ministry of Tourism


India is the land of festivities where a large number of fairs and festivals in the country are celebrated throughout the year. To bring regular information about such fairs & festivals to the people, the Ministry of Tourism has developed UTSAV, a National Portal that showcases the month-wise and state-wise calendar contents on festivals, fairs, events, and online darshans.

The UTSAV Portal aims to showcase various festivals, fairs, events, and live darshans across India to promote different experiences and attractions worldwide. The portal now comprises information on a large number of festivals, fairs, events, and live darshans across 28 States and 8 UTs. The portal is dynamic and constantly evolving with additional new information about all the upcoming events, festivals, and exhibitions, updated periodically.

For more information, please visit https://utsav.gov.in/.  External website that opens in a new window