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Notice Inviting Tender for Selection of Contractor for Installation of Solar Energy System in the Embassy of India, Braslia Chancery Complex


The President of India acting through the Embassy of India in Brasilia invites Lump-sum Fixed Price Tender for installation of Solar Energy System in the Embassy of India Chancery Complex on “Turnkey/Design and Build basis”. The Lump-sum Fixed Price / Amount tender shall be on the basis of following tender documents:

Technical Bid Document:
Document – I Press Notice, Invitation to Tender, Instructions to Bidders, Scope of Work & Eligibility Criteria
Financial Bid Document:
Document- II Form of Tender (Lump sum price to be quoted on this form by Bidder)
Document- III Schedule of Items
Document- IV Conditions of contract including standard formats for Bank Guarantee, etc.

1.            The last date of submission of sealed bids is 1700 hrs on 14 March 2022 in the office of Mr. Anand Prakash, Head of Chancery, Embassy of India, SES 805 Lote 24, Asa Sul, Brasilia, DF-70452-901 BRAZIL, Telephone No.: +55-61-3248 4006; email- hoc.brasiliamea.gov.in. Technical bids will be opened on 1500 hrs on 15 March 2022 in the Embassy of India, Brasilia. Any Tender received after this date and time will not be considered. 

2.   Applicants may send their representative to be present during opening of bids after obtaining prior permission from the Embassy of India, Brasilia.     

3.  The Tender shall remain valid for a period of One Hundred Eighty (180) days from the date of opening or till any extended period.

4.   Eligibility Criteria: The tenderer must fulfill the eligibility criteria laid down in document titled ‘Eligibility Criteria’ annexed with the tender documents, so as to be eligible for consideration of their bids. These criteria shall be taken in to account while evaluating their technical bids

5.  Defects Liability Period: Defects Liability period will be twenty four months from date of completion of project.

6.  Performance Security: 5% of the contract value shall be submitted in the form of a Bank Guarantee valid for a period of sixty days beyond the date of the completion of all the contractual obligations of the supplier under the contract and discharged after completion of work. Bank Guarantee shall be deposited within 15 days of issue of Letter of Intent. Letter of award of work shall be issued on receipt of performance guarantee. (Format of Performance Security is attached). 

7.  Financial quote & variations: Contractor shall quote his Lump-sum Fixed Price based on the enclosed Scope of Work. The Contractor shall note that Bill of Quantities (BOQ) shall not form part of the agreement and Contractor shall complete all the works as defined in the Scope of Work irrespective of the Bill of Quantities (BOQ) /details since these will not form part of the agreement. However, the unit rates quoted in the Bill of Quantities (BOQ) of items shall be used for working out the variations as per tender conditions.

8.   Commencement: Commencement of the works shall be effected within Fifteen (15) days from the date of issue of Acceptance letter or Letter of Intent or handing over the site, whichever is later. Such 15 days period being defined as the mobilization period. 

9.   Completion: The Period of Completion for the whole of the works 120 days calculated from the date of commencement of works.  

10.  Mobilisation Advance: i) Maximum 10% of contract amount against equivalent Bank Guarantee. The mobilization advance shall be released only after obtaining a bank guarantee bond from scheduled bank for amount of advance to be released and valid for the contract period. This shall be kept renewed time to time to cover the balance amount and likely period of complete recovery together with interest. The advances shall not be released less than 2 instalments. 

ii)  It shall be ensured that at any point of time, Bank Guarantee is available for the amount of outstanding advance.

Iii)  The recovery should be commenced after 10% of the work is completed and the entire amount together with interest shall be recovered by the time 80% of the work is completed.

11.   Retention Money: 5% of contract amount of each bill for payment shall be deducted. 50% of this retention money shall be released on record of practical completion and remaining 50% released at the end of Defect Liability period.

12.  Arbitration:

12.1   If any dispute, difference or question at any time arises between the Mission and the Contractor in respect of the agreement signed which cannot be settled mutually or in case of termination, shall be referred to arbitration.

12.2  The arbitration proceedings will be conducted in accordance with and be subject to the UNCITRAL (United Nations commission on International Trade Laws) Arbitration Rules, as amended from time to time and the decision of the arbitrators as mentioned above shall be final and binding on the parties.

12.3 The Arbitration will have its sittings in Embassy of India, Brasilia

13.  Rejection: Embassy of India, Brasilia reserves the right to accept or reject proof of credentials at its sole discretion without having to furnish reasons thereof, to the applicants. Submission of false information/document shall render the bidder ineligible.

14.  Sub-contractors: The Tenderer must submit with his offer a list of Sub-Contractors and Specialists names he proposes to use on the Works. Embassy of India, Brasilia reserves the right to accept or reject any pre-approved sub-Contractor even after formal award of Contract and/or commencement of work with or without reason.

15.   The successful Tenderer shall be responsible for coordinating his work with various sub-Contractors and other bid-pack Contractors employed on the Works coordinating his work between various trades, obtaining all the necessary information from sub-Contractors for the purpose of the overall programming of his works; supplying all the normal attendance to all sub-Contractors and assuming the overall responsibility for the aforesaid.

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