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Signed & Sealed offers are invited for the Scope of Supply of goods and Services or both as detailed in the enquiry. Relevant enclosures/supporting documents / catalogue, if any shall be enclosed to the technical offer. Bidder can also submit offer through email at their own risk. The offer is to be submitted in two parts. Technical offer to be submitted to mail ID technicalbid_hyd@bhel.in , and price bid to be submitted to mail ID pricebid_hyd@bhel.in  as an attachment only.

Supplier shall have no claim on e-mail offers sent on any other e-mail ID. 

Please note the followings -

1. Your offers should be in two part bid system (i.e.) price bid & technical bid's separately in two covers indicating our enquiry no. E8A1X21670  DTD. 30.03.2024 & due date clearly on the tender covers.

2. Your offer should reach us on or before tender due date 27.04.2024 by 11.00 (HRS) IST.

3. Submit your offer along with all the required documents duly signed& stamped.

4. The terms and conditions as per enclosed annexure enquiry.

Please find the attached Enquiry No E8A1X21670  DTD. 30.03.2024 along with required documents.