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Additional Information - suo-moto disclosure under RTI Act



Status of STQC certification of the website

The website is maintained by NIC and compliance with STQC is taken care of by NIC.


Item / information disclosed so that public have minimum resort to use of

RTI Act to obtain information

All information concerning the public has been disclosed on the website. Public has been advised to obtain additional information from Mission upon request.


Committee of PIOs/FAAs with rich experience in RTI to identify frequently

sought information under RTI - (a) Dates from which constituted, (b) Name

& Designation of the Officers

The RTI Committee of the Mission, consisting of PIO, CPIO and AA meets and review the RTI applications flow regularly, and assess the requirement of additional information that could be disclosed voluntarily.


Details of third party audit of voluntary disclosure -(a) Dates of audit

carried out , (b) Report of the audit carried out

Mission has duly submitted on CIC portal the ‘Transparency Audit Questionnaire’ for third party audit of Mission’s website. Such audit has already been conducted by CIC for previous years.