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5th Corporate Management Olympiad 2022-23

All India Management Association (AIMA) is organizing "5th Corporate Management Olympiad 2022-23"  

Dear All,

I am pleased to inform that the All India Management Association (AIMA) is organizing "5th Corporate Management Olympiad 2022-23"as per details given below:

Event                           : AIMA's 5th Corporate Management Olympiad 2022-23

Date                            : 23 – 25 November 2022

Venue                          : Online

Info                             : https://www.aimacorporateolympiad.com/

2.         The last four editions of AIMA’s Corporate Management Olympiad have been a roaring success as the corporates find it useful to boost employee morale and foster teamwork. Last year we had more than 50 corporates who competed in multiple disciplines and NTPC emerged as the National Champion with a maximum number of points accumulated. Beyond providing unparalleled business platforms to buyers & sellers, EPCH also provides comprehensive information about the sector to international buyers and ensures optimal interface between the Indian handicrafts industry and international buyers, facilitating harmonious business.

3.         The entire workplace has undergone a change – both physically and qualitatively. Remote working and fragmented teams have posed a great challenge to productivity and effectiveness of the organizations. Many corporates have devised ways and means to boost employee morale and spirits and to inculcate teamwork. The fifth Edition of AIMA's Corporate Management Olympiad would be a platform to have individuals from organizations get together and pitch for glory of their organization by working with each other to achieve it through their knowledge and competitive spirit.

4.         A copy of the event brochure is enclosed for complete details for easier comprehension. More information about the event is available on the https://www.aimacorporateolympiad.com/ website. In case of any further query or assistance regarding the event, please feel free to contact the Embassy at eco.brasilia@mea.gov.in  

5.         We count on the participation of your respected institution and its partners!

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