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Medical Attendant Visa

Mandatory Requirement

  • Online visa form with photo and signature
  • Passport - original, and a copy
  • Copy of passport/visa of the patient whom accompanying;
  • Letter from hospital/clinic in India confirming requirement of a medical attendant for the patient. OR (In case hospital has not prescribed any attendant, and attendant is to give moral or emotional support) an undertaking from the patient giving personal particulars of the attendant and elaborating the need of attendant.


Additional Requirement


Applicant may be asked to submit following additional document depending on the complexity of the case

  • Copy of medical reports of local treatment.
  • Documents to suggest financial viability to afford expenses on medical treatment (in certain cases)
  • Address proof
  • 2. In case of foreigner, copy of Brazilian visa/residence permit.
  • Copy of earlier visa of India, if any obtained during last 5 years
  • Copy of other passport or national ID in case of dual/multiple nationalities.