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Integrated Electronics Manufacturing & Interconnections (IEMI 2023)

Embassy of India, Brasilia is pleased to announce that the IPC India is organizing the “Integrated Electronics Manufacturing & Interconnections (IEMI 2023) in Chennai on August 1, and Pune on August 3, 2023, for the second edition.

Integrated Electronics Manufacturing & Interconnections (IEMI 2023)

The IEMI 2023, being a global electronics industry event, would enable industry leaders, professionals, designers, manufacturers, traders, suppliers, service providers and technical experts to connect, communicate, collaborate, create and develop relations.

The complete details of registration of the event can be seen at  https://www.ipc.org/ipc-india-iemi For further information on the IEMI 2023.

The Embassy is of the view that, this would be a great opportunity for Brazilian companies to expand their businesses. The Commerce Wing of Embassy of India, Brasilia kindly request to be contacted in case of registration to the event for any further assistance and facilitation through its email IDs eco.brasilia@mea.gov.in.